Hippie Van Coaster - HVAN

WOODLY Hippie Van Coaster

Canadian Brand Proudly Canadian Brand
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Manufacturers Color: Multi
Manufacturer's Style Number: 562

Protect your furniture & make it decorative! Printed directly on birch canvas, every coaster has a unique wooden look making it one-of-a-kind.  All coasters are hand finished & coated all around with a clear water-resistant stain so that messes can be cleaned up with ease. Hand made in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

- Coaster is just under 4" by 4"; 1/2-inch thickness
- Hand finished router-ed edge around the back of the coaster to give it a floating effect
- Images are printed directly onto the wood & clear stained all around
- Every coaster has its own unique grain & sometimes it gets a little knotty

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